Mycoalkonics is about the bionics of control of pathogenic fungi (myco) proliferation in the internal human body with an aim to relieve degenerative early attack on total health (D.E.A.T.H.). Welcome to the site which explains the fundamentals about the ONE INFECTION MANY DISEASES. ONE SOLUTION MANY USES.

  • The history of Dr Tullio Simoncini's
    findings on his hypothesis of cancer
    as a fungus and the novel way of
    dealing with it.
  • Dr Tullio Simoncini part 2 of 3
    The beneficent suspicion of cancer
    as a fungus has sparked a growing
    change in focus on this morbid
  • Dr Tullio Simoncini part 3 of 3
    The growing success stories among
    the public are going to make the
    mainstream medical authorities sit
    up and listen.

    Caution Statement

    To readers who visit this site

    It is undeniable and unpreventable that a rising excitement and worldwide public quest for the actual truth on degenerative diseases will go on. And while all this quest is going on, the reader is cautioned to understand that current acceptance of any new hypothesis, for example as proposed by Dr Tullio Simonici on cancer as a fungus and thus treating cancer neoplastic growths using sodium bicarbonate, and including, but not limited to, all new hypothesis on causes of health and its effects, are yet to be established and sanctioned by the relevant authorities on health around the world.

    It is understandable that a reader who is suffering from a morbid disease such as cancer, or have loved ones, relatives, friends who are sufferers of such a disease, would be excited to survive the odds against a widely-labelled disease as incurable; and as such the reader and/or the loved ones, relatives, friends of the reader might be desperate to learn more. However, Mycoalkonics does not become an automatic responsible, willing party in the private search for knowledge by the reader and/or the reader's loved ones, relatives, friends, etc.

    As much as Mycoalkonics has the responsibility of providing a knowledge base which opens the vistas of various perspectives, for the betterment of society, for the upliftment of humanity and everything held in high regard and esteem by sensible and humane people, the reader has the responsibility of treating the information here as some happenings in the journey of time and handling it in a matured and objective  manner.

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