Why adopt the Beneficent Suspicion?

The current perspectives on chronic diseases coming from mainstream medical science might very well be grossly deficient and this is evident from the disappointing results over nearly two score years in trying to solve cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disorders, skin diseases, and allergies to name a few of the chronic diseases.

It is already widespead knowledge that the variety of diseases has expanded over the years (One Infection Many Diseases) and current institutionalised medical science seems to be impotent in the face of this ever potent onslaught.  This 'hopeless and alarming' situation demands a revolutionary train of thought. We cannot continue to be helpless and hopeless by surrendering our common-sense, self-respect, and confidence and sit around to wait for medical science to prove that fungus and its toxins are prime causes.

Any right-thinking and reasonable individual will understand that it is perfectly rational and skilful to adopt the Beneficent Suspicion that the primary cause of chronic diseases might be of fungal characterisation; and then prove this suspicion (right or wrong) by using the standard natural medicine methodology (Food as Medicine, Medicine as Food) to deal with fungus -- such as raw phyto-greens alkalization techniques, ingesting probiotics, detoxification, oxygenization, managing carefully the ingestion or intake of those foodstuff that are known to be favorite feeders of fungus population.

You can rest assured that the Beneficent Suspicion works well and potentially puts you on a confident path to wellness.