What fungus are we looking at as being the prime suspect?

Every minute and second, we are exposed to good and bad fungus through various channels of contact around us, for example air, water, food, and fungal contagion. Public health related issues related to fungus do not seem to be as ubiquitous as those related to bacteria and viruses. Is fungal threat a rarity?  Of course no.It is a real threat and a worldwide threat to be exact.

Two popularly and heavily-publicized threats -- bacteria and viruses -- have hogged the 'limelight' since the early days of modern medicine. Strangely, the only fungus which is listed as a scheduled threat to human lives is the Aspergillus strain and this dates back to the days when food poisoning due to aflatoxin (Aspergillus toxin) was a serious matter. Not much was done to expand efforts to control the spread of mycotoxins, especially from the food supply chain. Of course there are more types of pathogenic and toxigenic fungus from the external environment.

The external sources of fungal toxins and fungus threats aside, there is a incredulously disastrous scenario unfolding as time goes on no thanks to the sort of high-level cursory glance that institutionalized medical science could seemingly afford to lay on a class of pathogenic and toxigenic fungus which has for a long time taken the human host as its playground -- the Candida fungus. What you are about to find out from this website is that the threat of Candida deserves more than just an easy-going cursory look.

This Candida fungus is an automatic part and parcel of the human flora, and previous medical thought is this fungi is 'friendly' and 'not that aggressive'. Serious contemporary discoveries since 20-25 years ago that have revealed that Candida is actually not as 'goody-goody-two-shoes' as assumed. It demands immediate action to control its population; for the longer you allow this fungus a free rein, it develops a recalcitant and stubborn behaviour and thus it becomes harder to cow the roguish fungus to submission and regain your health. You cannot 100% weed out this fungus completely from your body, but you can contain and control its population by ensuring an optimal ecological environment in your body that will automatically control its population.  In the vaginal orifice, for example, the ecological balance between the two main contenders in that habitat are Lactobacillus family of bacteria and Candida.  It should be appreciated that the Lactobacillus family of bacteria is (strangely) well-suited to control the most of the Candida family of fungi, and this fact is not always iterated.  You can obtain the benefits of real Lactobacillus, not from the commercial yogurt, but from life kefir.