What is the key learning?

Most people just repeat what the disinformationists (those who distract people from the truth by purveying pseudo-truths) say: The internet is full of rubbish and you have to be careful. Let us challenge that statement by posing something which most people might have come across but think nothing of it.

Before that, let us recount an incident here which clearly shows the gloomy state of affairs, a situation so gloomy you would not even trust anyone's opinion anymore.  Why? Simply because the epitomes of learning (commonly assumed to be those with tertiary qualifications) are already dead in their minds.   Let me continue:  Here is one guy who takes pride in a string of scientific degrees from institutionalised education from the Western Hemisphere (where else).  I tested him on some new perspectives of 'Cancer is a Fungus' and his immediate reaction was like "You have made a very blasphemous statement and you should repent"  in just about less than three minutes into the conversation. What the heck has gone into the heads of these so-called learned people?  

Is the non-internet information highway (for example the publications, advertising, printed news media) free from blame.  Is it NOT FILLED WITH RUBBISH and thus not any safer than the worldwide web (internet) when it comes to gleaning the truth?  C'mon wake up good people and let's have an inquring mind.  Are you made of up a discerning mind or a mind full of cobwebs.

Look at what sort of information we have made to swallow before the days of the internet:  Coconut oil is full of rubbish, canola oil is full of goodness; hydrogenated fats and trans-fats are perfectly safe; there is going to be a relief from cancer at the turn of the new millennium (hard luck); there is nothing wrong with smoking (this was reversed after years of lobbying for the truth); acupuncture is a nonsensical practise; you run the (high) risk of myocardium infarction (heart attacks) by taking saturated fats; modern medical science has the panacea for all ills (note the thick-faced bigotry here); antibiotics are perfectly useful and will be so in future; vitamins are the antidotes for health deficiencies. and the list goes on.

If the above, to you, is not rubbish then you are still living in the 60s.  And the sad news is that the above rubbish (and trust me they are all rubbish) would not have been laid bare if not for the worldwide web, which currently is the only free media where people like you and me can at least enjoy some fresh air amidst the choking fumes of deliberate and indeliberate disinformation from the other non-internet media.

The key learning from this website is:  DEGENERATIVE DISEASES, like cancer, strokes, diabetes, cardiovascular disorders ARE NOT to be dealt with and CANNOT be effectlvely dealt with by jumping straight into ingesting whatever they say is good for you.  You have to deal with degenerative diseases using KNOWLEDGE, clearly, soundly, and carefully researched.