Mycoalkonics is about the bionics of control of pathogenic fungi (myco) proliferation in the internal human body with an aim to relieve degenerative early attack on total health (D.E.A.T.H.). Welcome to the site which explains the fundamentals about the ONE INFECTION MANY DISEASES. ONE SOLUTION MANY USES.

  • How Chlorophyll Works  How chlorophyll works
  • Health Benefits of Chlorophyll Health benefits of cholorophyll
  • Spirulina - Powerful Whole Food Neutraceutical Spirulina  powerful whole food
  • Chlorella - The Natural Wonder Supplement Chlorella  the natural wonder supplement
  • Non-Toxic Cancer Therapy Using Chlorophyll and Ultrasound - Thomas J. Lewis, PhD How Chlorophyll and ultrasound therapy
  • Cancer: Non-Toxic Therapies - Mark Rosenberg, MD Non-Toxic Therapies for cancer
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