The hidden story of cancer.

There are many things written about Brian Peskin as many are the things that Bian Peskin has written about his findings and perspectives. To the uninitiated about physiology, metabolism, fats and a lot of other things surrounding food and human digestion, it sure is going to be tough. Peskin had to go into the technical details in order to debunk some long-held 'theories' about what to eat and what not to eat, what contributes to health and what contributes to sickness, etc.

The technical details aside, there are some things to note and that is "in the jungle of information" out there and everywhere, an open mind is necessary so that you stand a chance to try another pathway after seeing the number of dead bodies lying along a certain pathway that you are currently taking. It is quite impossible that Brian Peskin is taking you down the rat-hole given that his convictions run contrary to popular opinion and 'standards'. It might seem that status-quo don't-ask-questions-and-just-swallow-it might be the very thing that will take you down the rat-hole.

The episode where Professor Peskin and associated parties ran into some legal trouble (as as reported here) apparently was connected with commercialization of certain products. The fervor and excitement of new-found knowledge might have caused oversight regarding the state laws and federal laws governing 'claims' of commercial products sold to the public. Anyway, this episode does not in any way affect the paucity and integrity of Professor Peskin's opinions, perspectives, conjectures, etc. It is up to the reader to find out more and confirm the authenticity of the reports, as well as read Professor Peskin's books.


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