Diabetes and Cardiovascular problems two different issues?
The facts stacking up againt the much-propaganded myths disguised as facts regarding blood-cholesterol and blood-sugar is mounting and skyrocketing with each passing day.   The one question that you will be surprised to find an answer to in this website is this: How is high or fluctuating spikes in blood-cholesterol level connected with high or fluctuating spike in blood-sugar?

The answer is the two conditions of blood-cholesterol and blood-sugar have a common denominator and a common prime cause which is highly suspected to be an internal body pathogenic fungi.

Note carefully the following two facts:   Many health experts (often retired medical and health professionals) are now revealing:

1) abnormal blood-cholesterol levels is part of the body immune response to contain internal pathogenic microbes and there is tremendous possibility that it is fungi. This 'self-defeating' response can be understood if you realise that the body interprets the pathogenic fungi as sterol compounds which can be 'soaked up' using cholesterol. The cell-walls of fungi are of ergosterol, one form of cholesterol;


2) abnormal blood-sugar levels is due to the ineffective glycolysis (a form of sugar metabolism which utilizes zero or 1 digit percentage of oxygen) performed by pathogenic fungi which produces lots of acids (mainly lactic acid) as by-products and these acids trigger the mind to maintain high blood-sugar level, as if the body is now undergoing heavy exercise or laborious physical work.  Note that lactic acid is a common by-product of metabolsim during strenous exercise.

The propaganda was deliberately well engineered in the name of free enterprise and capitalization on health issues:  The notion that cholesterol is the PRIMARY ISSUE behind all the blockages, hardening of blood vessels and heart diseases; monitoring cholesterol (high density cholesterol, low density cholesterol, lipids, what-nots); cholesterol-free foods, and the whole propangada machinery right up to the whole food supply chain .

Yes, cholesterol in the blood-stream is a problem, BUT the way the communication on how to deal with cholesterol is open to unscrupulous commercialization, lies, distractions, vested interests, dubious research, etc. Blood cholesterol is NOT THE PRIMARY ISSUE. It is only the symptom.

The primary issue lies with a family of pathogenic fungi inside every human body which DOES NOT LIKE OXYGEN and LOVES SUGARS, and we are exacerbating this primary issue with the wrong foods, drinks, lifestyle, etc.

As you might have read in this website, Otto Heinrich Warburg had discovered a long time ago that cancer cells are averse to oxygen though they can tolerate low concentrations of oxygen.  Brian Peskin in his book The Hidden Story of Cancer details how oxygenation of body is linked to Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs).

Excerpts of relevant writings:
The challenge for Peskin was to find a way to get sufficient oxygen to the cells and keep it there – a challenge that had eluded Dr. Warburg. However, it wasn’t until 2002 that he found the missing link: Essential fatty acids (EFAs). Both omega-6 and omega-3 EFAs are part of the cell membrane and facilitates the flow of oxygen into the cells. However, the body cannot manufacture EFAs: these must be obtained in the diet and consumed in the correct ratio, i.e., at least 1:1 or 2:1 of omega-6 to omega-3.   More

“[The Hidden Story of Cancer] is a must-read for cancer patients and their physicians.... But the important message… is that cancer is a disorder of metabolism, not a genetically produced disease....” — Caduceus Magazine (UK)   More

Of course, the skepticism and denial on the correlation between blood-cholesterol and blood-sugar and Candida population will be painstakingly slow to be accepted thanks to the widespread and concerted 'brain-washing' over the last eight decades.