Hyper-, hypo-thyroidism not
as complex as thought
The 'mystery' of why it strikes more women than men could be stemming from pathogenic fungi cannibalizing on progesterone and creating the mycotoxins (fungal toxins) which affect emotions; and following this predisposed or health compromised organs will be affected, one of which is the thyroid.
Contributed by MST.  August 2011

Before looking at thyroid problems (which incidentally affect more women than men), one must understand that hormonal imbalance (in one physiological organ) can affect neuro-transmitters which in turn affect emotions and which in turn affect other physiological organs and which in turn affect hormonal imbalance; and the vicious cycle can have serious and lasting effects on the body.

The Beneficent Suspicion that an etiologic factor of a pathogenic and toxigenic microbes on hormonal imbalance (observable from symptoms) has far-reaching explanations on why dealing with that etiologic factor removes a major portion of the symptoms associated with the hormonal imbalance.

Endocrine problems might very well be based on 
the work of pathogenic microbes inside the human body. It is well known that the condition called Candidiasis affects the endocrine system also. For example in women, the hormone progesterone is the target of Candida which cannibalizes it for its own purposes, two of which is the manufacture of mycotoxins (fungal toxins), and also for its own procreation.

The 'suspicious' link between Candida and progesterone is made stronger when you consider that more and more pregnant women develop diabetes after and during pregnancy; and this can be linked to the naturally higher levels of progesterone during pregnancy.  Progesterone is needed during pregnancy and one of its uses is to affect muscles and cartilage to make them supple to accomodate the distending womb, and to prevent muscle contractions.  

Furthermore, hormonal levels affect neuro-transmitters; and emotions are linked to neuro-transmitters.  So the role Candida plays in women hormonal imbalance directly provides a possible reason for those symptoms associated with menses and pregnancy where progesterone is highest -- cramps, pains in joints, mood swings, and feelings of 'loss of control'.

To pull this reasoning further, physiological organs in the body are 'sympathetic' to emotions and thus hormonal imbalance in the gonads can indirectly affect other physiological organs such as the thyroid, thymus, pancreas, heart, adrenal glands, eyes, etc.

This 'full circle' reasoning gives a somewhat clear picture of how the inter-relationships between organic systems in the body are impacted by emotions just because of a simple effect of hormonal imbalance brought about by pathogenic and toxigenic microbes.

So where are we now?  The method to overcome endocrine problems is NOT to relieve thyroid problems but to directly deal with pathogenic fungi first, and usually the results could be amazing.

Some of the known methods to beat thyroidism (hypo- and hyper-) are:

  • Apple cider vinegar (ACV) + blackstrapp molasses + juice from 1 slice of lemon. Take 2 spoonfuls of ACV; mix in 1 spoonful of blackstrap molasses; add warm water and stir thoroughly (a plastic shaker might help you); add in the juice from 1 slilce of lemon.  Drink immediately after breakfast and the best breakfast is still cereals of high fibre such as oats, rice bran, muesli, etc.   Make this a regiment for at least 3-4 months.
  • Notes:
    Contrary to disinformation, ACV does not cause stomach ulcer, but just that anything sourish will affect the 'forever' open wounds of ulcer-sufferers, who didn't ask why their open ulcers cannot heal in the first place.  The pathogenic microbes living inside the wounds are preventing the 'festering' wound from healing, that's the point. What can kill the microbes? Of course not antibiotics, but natural anti-microbes such as lemons, ACV, garlic, coconut oil and Lactobacillus kefirs, for example.

    Contrary to disinformation, ACV does not cause brittle bones or osteoporosis.  ACV is an alkaline-forming food once taken INSIDE the human body though it is 'acidic' when outside of the human body.  You have to try it for yourself without prejudice as millions around the world have and had benefited from ACV's powerful ingredients.

  • Juicing: There are various recipes for thyroid problems, and here are some examples  Here are three methods: 

  • 1. 1 fresh pomegranate, washed without peeling
    2. 1 fresh carrot, washed
    3. 1 slice lemon, with the rind
    Blend all three together and filter the juice.  Take any time of the day; but when taken near to meal times, do it preferably half-hour before meals.

    1. 1 fresh potato, peeling and washing
    2. 1 fresh orange carrot, washing no need peeling
    3. 1 fresh apple, washing no need peeling
    Each one weights around 150g to 200g. put all items to juice extractor and drink the juice freshly. It is very important to squeeze freshly and drink freshly. More

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  • Detoxification is important for any chronic diseases.  There are various methods of detoxification, and one of which is fasting on fruit juices only.  Here are two methods: 

  • The only real treatment for thyroid disease, whether hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism or any other condition of thyroid gland, is cleansing of the system and adoption of a rational diet thereafter, combined with adequate rest and relaxation. To begin with, juices of fruits such as orange, apple, pineapple, and grapes may be taken every two or three hours from 8 am to 8 pm for five days. The bowels should be cleaned daily with lukewarm water. More

    Cellular cleansing and body detoxification starts with a liver, gallbladder and intestinal cleanse. The following is a brief summary of the cleanse recommended in "The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush" by Andreas Moritz. Before attempting the liver cleanse you will want to purchase and read this book, because there is much more information you will need to know to have a successful liver and gallbladder flush.  More

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