Virgin coconut oil directly reduces blood sugar level
Nobody would believe this unless it is tried out, after all we had been fed tons of nonsense from the Western media about coconut oil.

The downtrend of blood sugar is quite dramatic as
you can see the drop by almost half on March 13
within a matter of about 12 hours.

Contributed by QXH.  March  2011

Who would have guessed virgin coconut oil is a miracle oil?  After all the concerted 'nonsensicalization' by the Western media cartel for almost 30 years, it is definitely going to take time for people to realize they have been fooled.  It is pretty saddening because many lives would have been saved by returning to coconut oil rather than ingesting all those artificial sub-standard  products promoted as standard products.

But since you are already reading this, you need not be fooled again because there is something I discovered which straightaway lend more credence to the so-called euphoria that coconut oil is indeed a miracle oil.  

Recently a loved one of mine, aged in her early 80's, was admitted to a local hospital recently.  She is a diabetic and was put on a controlled diet, instead of depending on medication. I gave her two spoonfuls of virgin coconut oil at about 7pm every day. In the morning the next day, her blood-sugar level is never above a value of 6 for consecutively 5 days.  Compare this fact to the value when she was admitted: A whopping 11.5.

To me this amazing trend confirms the anti-fungal action of coconut oil. When fungi population in our bodies is high, blood-sugar will increase simply because fungi, being anaerobes, are constantly 'hungry' for blood-sugar. Anaerobes are not able to derive as much bio-chemical energy (ATP) from the same amount of blood-sugar as healthy human cells are capable of.  In addition the by-products of anaerobic glycolysis of blood-sugar derives acidic substances such as lactic acid and ethanol.  It is this lactic acid which causes whatever is regulating the blood-sugar to mis-read the acidity as coming from the body undergoing exercise and thus needs more energy-giving sugars.

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