Mycoalkonics is about the bionics of control of pathogenic fungi (myco) proliferation in the internal human body with an aim to relieve degenerative early attack on total health (D.E.A.T.H.). Welcome to the site which explains the fundamentals about the ONE INFECTION MANY DISEASES. ONE SOLUTION MANY USES.

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Candida family of fungi
The highly efficient colonizer of the human body
This fungi has successfully entrenched itself as more than just a casual visitor in the human host. It is parasitic, opportunistic, a master of disguise, as well as 'colonistic' if there is such a term. Fungi build colonies and the Candida fungi do this extremely well in the human body.
knowing this changes everything How you deal with cancer is dependent  on reality.
Is it heresy that at the core of cancer tumors, whether benign or malign, are fungus cells? Why the deep chasm dividing the perspectives regarding cancer and how it is affecting the way you deal with cancers?

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  • casesThere is no mystery, difficulty, or coincidences if you are looking in the right direction.
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    Mycoalkonics driving at?
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